Traveling/Transportation in Qatar

Qatar is a lovely place to live, but you can’t fully experience the small, opulent area without understanding how to get around. Figuring out the best way to travel in Qatar really depends on personal preference and how far or often you use transportation. Qatar is continually updating their transportation systems and is currently working on several future projects, including a monorail system, the Qatar rail. The real estate you choose to rent or buy will affect what type of transportation you decide to use. Like most countries, the main ways of travel are driving, riding the bus, catching a taxi, or simply walking and biking.


If you need to get around Doha or across Qatar, then buses are a basic and easy way of transportation. Qatar has 35 bus routes, making it easy to get to any major bus stops. Buses are clean, comfortable, air conditioned, and the price to ride is affordable. The one set back is the wait for the bus can be a long one, sometimes 30 minutes or longer. Most locals do not ride the bus because driving is so much easier. When visiting Qatar, consider Yalla Transportation Service, an exceptional provider dedicated to safe and punctual transportation.

SMS/ Street Taxis

Green/teal colored street taxis can be found during most hours of the day and night. If your purchased home or rental property is near work, taking a quick taxi may be the best Qatar travel option. You can flag one down and catch a ride to where you need to go at a fair price.

SMS taxis are basically the same as a street taxi, but you can call them and book a ride a day or a few hours in advance. There are also options to book your taxi online. It will cost slightly more to call a cab and even if you schedule a taxi in advance, it may not always be a guaranteed ride, unless you know the driver; some taxis have been known to overbook. Both street and SMS taxis are made to be comfortable with updated technology, including GPS navigation systems.

Airport Taxis

These are slightly more expensive than the street Taxi, but can be booked a day or a couple of hours ahead. Doha airport taxis can fit six people comfortably, which is more than the standard four that is allowed for street taxis. Although they can only get you to and from the Doha International Airport, airport taxis can be taken 24/7, every single day of the year, including holidays.


Limousines are a popular form of a transportation and work in a very similar way to taxis. These need to be called and scheduled in advance, but usually there will be one available immediately. Limousines are much larger than a taxi and offer added comfort and privacy. An additional bonus that limousines offer is the flexibility it brings to the riders. You get to choose specific routes and the length you need it for. This means you are able to rent it for hours, the day, a week or even months at a time. For the most luxurious experience, you can upgrade your ride to a VIP limousine for additional services and benefits.


If you only have a short distance to go, walking or riding a bike is always an option. Although, most people choose not to, as Qatar’s roads aren’t really built for pedestrian use. The streets are becoming friendlier towards pedestrians and a cooling cycle path is in the near future. This means as you ride along the path, a mist will spray a pleasant amount of water to keep you comfortable. During spring and summer months this is important because it gets incredibly hot and walking and cycling is uncomfortable and near impossible. In the winter months, you’ll also see joggers, bikers and walkers enjoying a little bit of exercise.


Driving in Qatar is probably the easiest form of travel in Qatar. Travel by car is preferential, if you are going to need frequent transportation. If you are visiting for a short period of time, you will have exactly one week to use your current foreign driver’s license to rent a car. Qatar does require you to get a Qatari driver’s license, if you are a resident or have visa residence. If you have a current license from a different country, it can easily be traded in for a Qatari one, depending on the country. Once you are ready with a license, you can rent a car long term or buy one. Rental cars make it easy for you to get around, without worrying about getting a taxi or catching the bus.

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