Doing Business in Qatar

For individuals who plan on doing business in Qatar as foreigners, it is imperative they have an understanding of the country’s culture, key concepts, and values. Economically, Qatar thrives on its petroleum and gas industry which accounts for 80 percent of the government’s revenue. Its tourism industry comes in as a close second, especially during economic downturns. While the rest of the world continued to struggle with the more recent global downturn, Qatar became one of the fastest growing economies in 2009. Qatar’s open and mutual business relations have helped make this a reality.

Before deciding to do business in Qatar, individuals should check with their consulate or embassy to ensure that you have permission to work in Qatar or open a business. To complete entry-level administration, foreign business people must have a sponsor who will typically act as their employer for two years’ time. Understanding these key concepts will help you to build longstanding relations. It is also the key to doing business in Qatar as a foreigner.

Business practices in Qatar differ greatly from those conducted in western countries. Qataris have a relaxed approach to time, making appointments at times a fruitless endeavor when doing business in Qatar. Punctuality is not taken as seriously in Qatar as in Europe or the United States so one should not take it as a sign of irresponsibility or disrespect if a Qatari colleague shows up late for a meeting. Their work days run from Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday taken as the weekend away from their business. Qatar businesses typically open at 8 AM and close at 8:30 PM, though shop hours may vary according to the heat index for a particular day.

Businesses operate using the commonly known hierarchical top-down structure. Each Qatar business has its own structure of authority; however, powerful positions primarily stay at senior levels. When operating a Qatar business, assigning titles can help to distinguish leaders from the rest of the workforce. Qataris have a cultural respect for status, which is part of why a business hierarchy is an ideal practice for a business run at least in part by an expat.

Qataris also value the spoken word. This means that business owners should follow through with their promises in order to retain the respect of their employees, colleagues, and clients. As with any other business, earning trust is necessary to achieve success. It will also take your Qatar business to new heights by establishing stable work relations. Knowing how to negotiate with Qataris will solidify terms of agreement. This means a calm demeanor must be retained while working out any disagreements that may arise.

Qatar has a predominantly Arabic-speaking population, meaning it is beneficial for foreigners to have at least a basic understanding of Arabic to conduct business. Qatar does have an English-speaking population; however to make success a more obtainable task and to minimize language barriers, knowledge of the native tongue should be obtained.

COREO can assist business owners with all of the tools and resources they need to make an informed decision when they rent or purchase affordable property for their business online. Our property experts extend their knowledge to business owners by offering a variety of services, including relocation assistance, business consultation, property management, and marketing assistance. We will help individuals find and manage their future business’s property efficiently. We listen to our clients, which helps us find them the best possible match to launch their business. Qatar offers an impressive selection of properties in the designated areas assigned for foreigners, including real estate to buy and apartments to rent. Whether an individual is seeking a rental or property to purchase for business purposes, we will find the right choice for them.


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