Staff Retention Vital to the Success of Any Middle Eastern Business

Staff Retention Middle East

Talent Retention in Middle East countries is a priority for most companies. A professional Relocations Company can undoubtedly increase staff retention rates.

Qatar straddles the cultural divide between Saudi Arabia on the one side and Dubai on the other. It is not as strict and conservative as Saudi Arabia and not quite as liberal as Dubai. Multiple research papers and online articles indicate that Western expats (US, UK, EU, Canada, New Zealand, Australia) tend to stay in Qatar no longer than an average of 2.5 years, which translates to substantial lost costs for a company in money, reputation and business momentum.

As many Qatar based international companies start to cycle through a euphoric post start-up phase by reducing benefits and salaries, staff retention rates are also reduced as a result, and the need for additional engagement is required to buffer the potential loss of staff.

Most relocations companies are only concerned with the initial relocation of an expat by providing Home Search assistance, School Search assistance, Orientation Tours and Settling-In Services, however more is required from them if they are to be “real” partners with HR practitioners. A long term service needs to be designed to ensure relocated expats are constantly engaged in the changing environment around them.

This is our goal at COREO. Not only do we want to assist in the initial relocation, we are looking to constantly engage the relocated expat with updated social and cultural activities, planned events and networking opportunities. We are also looking to work with local companies to design programmes that will achieve a far greater staff retention rate than they currently have.

Please contact COREO if you would like to discuss how our relocations team can help you, your company and fellow colleagues in achieving a successful relocation to Qatar.

By Frederick Goss – Relocation Specialist – Coreo

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