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Qatar Apartments

Qatar is a relatively small country with large natural gas and oil reserves, which has supported the economic growth of the country. The per capita income of Qatar is the highest among Arab countries and one of the highest in the world. Doha is the capital of Qatar and the most developed city in the country.

Qatar is attracting large numbers of foreign nationals from all over the world for both work and investment purposes supported by areas such as The Pearl Qatar where foreign ownership of properties is permitted. Professionals from across the globe are coming to Qatar for better job prospects and to partake in the countries global economic growth. Naturally, with the growing number of residents in the country, the demand for housing is on the rise hence the booming Qatar real estate market.

There are a wide range of villas & apartments for rent in Doha & other parts of Qatar. Many of the apartments, stand alone villas and compound villas are situated in impressive urban and suburban areas.

The Condition of Qatar’s Rental Market

It is important to research Qatar’s rental market to learn about all the property options available. The best option is to seek the help of a Qatar real estate professional to assist in finding the right property. With so many expatriates in Qatar, the rental market is extremely competitive which offers opportunities for investors to buy and lease apartments in Qatar with a high return.

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