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Since the early 2000s, Qatar has been home to a growing number of foreign nationals. Most come to the country to work for varying lengths of time and need to either buy or rent a place to live. There are certain restrictions on where foreign nationals can live, so before moving to the country, it is important to figure out where you are permitted to stay and whether you are interested in Qatar villas, townhouses, or apartments. You also need to determine whether you will be buying a property or simply renting for the duration of your stay. While most people looking for Qatar villas are doing so because they are in the country for work, others are in need of a holiday villa. Qatar has a growing tourism sector, and is home to renowned shopping centers, restaurants, and accommodations.

Finding a Villa for Rent in Qatar

Finding an apartment or villa for rent in Qatar can be difficult, so, just as with buying property, using a professional is a good idea. A professional agency will be able to help expats with tasks such as negotiating prices and dealing with paperwork. In Qatar, most rental properties are located within compounds ranging from a few properties to whole villages. These compounds will often have their own pools, tennis courts, and other facilities. Once a suitable property is found, a contract should be drawn up. Rental contracts are generally drawn up in both Arabic and English. Take the time to thoroughly read through your rental agreement and review stipulations such as rental fees, deposit, length of the lease, and any other important terms. Not everyone plans to be in the country long enough to require rental properties. For those looking for short term accommodations or a holiday villa, Qatar is home to many international hotels that feature furnished accommodations.

Buying Property in Qatar

Since 2004, foreigners have been permitted to purchase property in Qatar in designated areas including the Pearl, West Bay and Al Khor. Real estate prices are subject to extreme fluctuation, so it is difficult to find reliable information; for this reason it is important to work with real estate professionals. COREO is a full service real estate and rental agency specializing in commercial property, apartments, townhouses, and villas for rent in Qatar. For expats bringing families along with them, whether buying or renting, villas are often a good choice as they tend to offer more space than an apartment.

Things to Remember

Villas for rent in Qatar need to have utilities turned on prior to moving in. In order to set up an account to receive water and electricity, one must contact the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, or Kahramaa. You will need to submit a completed application, copy of your rental agreement, phone number, a copy of an ID, and a PO Box number. It is important to remember that energy consumption in the country is generally very high. Due to the extreme temperatures, air conditioning requires a large amount of electricity. Expats will likely pay a large deposit to begin services and monthly bills will be estimated until the first meter reading. In order to rent in Qatar, you will also need a copy of your passport, an ID card, a residence permit, and a copy of your sponsor’s ID card when it comes time to sign your lease.

Cost of Living in Qatar

Apartments and villas for rent in Qatar can be very costly as can other regular expenses. Expats should be prepared to pay an average of 7,000-14,000 QAR a month for an apartment and an average of 12,000-20,000 QAR a month for a villa. Housing comes with various luxurious accommodations such as private beaches and is priced accordingly. If you are moving to Qatar with a family, be prepared to pay for private schooling as well. In general, Qatar is a relatively expensive country so anyone thinking about accepting a job in the country should keep this in mind when negotiating salary.

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