Shopping in Qatar

Qatar shopping is among the best in the world. As a continuously expanding retail hub, Doha, Qatar shopping offers consumers a wide-variety of goods with no sales tax on any purchases. This helps people to find affordable deals, especially when prices are compared to those in other countries which do place a sales tax on all purchased items. Qatar online shopping has also become a popular purchasing method for consumers who don’t have the time to visit the stores themselves or who simply prefer to stay away from the retail arena.

A Wide-Variety of Options

Shoppers in Qatar have a multitude of options when embarking on an excursion to purchase new things. The three main shopping styles in the sovereign Arab state are traditional, street, and malls, although Qatar online shopping is also an option for those who choose to avoid the retail areas. Each style offers a unique Doha, Qatar shopping experience, and countless products for shoppers to buy. Traditional Qatar shopping areas are called Souqs and sell everything from clothing, spices, carpets, perfumes, and much more; but shoppers must have good bargaining skills to get the best price. Of all of the options, this form of purchasing is typically the most fun for tourists to experience, as it is not a shopping style widely seen around the world. Qatar is also home to some of the fanciest, most exclusive malls in existence. It’s beginning to become known as somewhat of a mall world. There are also many other shops located along city streets, and vendors peddling goods to passersby.

Where to Go When Shopping in Doha, Qatar

When shopping in Doha, Qatar, individuals are sure to find everything they are looking for and more. The multitude of options can actually make choosing where to do shopping difficult at times. Some of the most popular modern shopping malls include Royal PlazaVillagio, Landmark, and The Mall. Many of the finest brands in the world pay premium prices to rent space in these malls.

An elegantly designed space, Royal Plaza contains 105 boutique stores, spread throughout three different levels. Modelled after an Italian village, Villagio contains high-end shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, and even offers indoor Gondola rides. Located in the north of Doha city, Landmark was modelled after a Qatari castle, and offers shoppers a mixture of luxury and affordable goods. Qatar’s first modern shopping center, The Mall, offers patrons many different experiences with an area created to resemble an English Shopping Arcade and another section made to look like a French High Street, in addition to a movie theater and a variety of restaurants. For more of a traditional Doha, Qatar shopping experience, visitors can go to Al Souq Street, where they will find a large number of souqs located in close proximity to one another. Some of the most popular souqs in the area are Souq Waqif, Souq Asiery, Souq Al Dira, Souq Al Jabor, and Omani Souq. Souq Waqif, one of the largest in Doha, is a busy shopping area filled with stores, restaurants, Wi-Fi, live performances, horses, camels, and boutique hotels on the grounds. Souq Al Asiri and Souq Al Deira are known as the places to go when in need high-quality fabric. Souq Al Jabor and Omani Souq each offer a wide-variety of products including costume jewellery, perfume, knick-knacks, and more.

Individuals who greatly enjoy shopping may wish to locate rental properties near thriving shopping areas. Rental apartments in Doha are available near a variety of stores with the assistance of those of us here at COREO.

Doha Qatar shopping is some of the best in the world thanks to the countless shopping options available. Shopping malls in Qatar provide a more modern, luxury experience, while souqs allow individuals to enjoy a traditional Qatar shopping day. Qatar online shopping offers individuals around the globe a way to get everything they desire, without having to ever leave home.


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