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Taking a job in Qatar and deciding to relocate your family can be an exciting time both professionally and personally. There are so many parts of your move to this small, arid country that borders Saudi Arabia that need to be choreographed carefully for it to be a success. You’ll need to juggle the transition of your professional responsibilities while exploring the opportunity to purchase or rent a home one in Qatar. International school versus independent school options for your children also need to be considered; and choosing a home in a community that fits your needs as an expat family is crucial. While it’s possible to begin a lot of this preparation for your upcoming relocation online, such as looking at Qatar international schools or arranging for your travel, employment, and visa documents, choosing the right place to live – one that’s affordable, close to schools and your job, and in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle – is key. This is where you want to rely on dependable relocation professionals. At COREO we are native Qataris and experienced expatriates who understand your needs and concerns; we also know the character of the local community to ensure that you buy or rent the property that’s right for you, whether your needs are residential or commercial. We can lend guidance and illuminate important facets of relocation.

Dedicated relocation services like ours can provide assistance with getting you oriented in a new city like Doha, and we can help you sort out the variety of education options in Qatar for children of all ages, from early education programs to college programs. Some Qatar schools may enroll children as young as age 3 through high school age, typically 17 years old. Qatar is also home to post-secondary schools like Qatar University. In addition to your children’s school reports and records, schools in Qatar generally require that you have your visa and residence permits in place before you can enroll your children. You may choose to send your children to an independent school or one of the Qatar schools that is affiliated with a foreign education system, such as one of the international schools in Doha, Qatar, like the American School of Doha. Additional required enrollment documents may include birth certificates, passports, and verification of your own employment in Qatar. International schools in Doha, Qatar generally charge tuition and fees to enrolled students’ families. These costs can vary by grade level. An entrance exam and proof of minimum academic performance may also be required by some schools.

Schools in Qatar may offer a variety of academic and extracurricular amenities and facilities, too, in addition to classrooms and dining facilities. Academic resources may support the arts and sciences and can include libraries, music rooms, art studios, science labs, and computer labs. Athletic facilities may include swimming pools, a track, playgrounds, sports fields, and fitness equipment. In addition to having a good school to go to, getting to and from that school also matters, so transportation is another important consideration in choosing a Qatar school. This is another area in which our professional relocation service can assist you. While some students may be able to walk to school, and you might have the flexibility to walk your children to school, other schools offer bus service to their students, which might work out better for your schedule. Depending on whether you choose a rental near work or school or decide you want to buy a home, talking to us can guide you to the right place to live and work, and the right private, independent or international school in Qatar that will meet the educational needs and lifestyle of your family.

Relocating to a new city, choosing schools in Qatar for your children regardless of whether you’re seeking early education, high school or even post-secondary programs, and settling into a new culture can be daunting, no matter how excited you may be relocate. Engaging our professional relocation services, with our local ties and expert knowledge of residential and commercial properties and the expat experience, can free you to focus on your family and your professional responsibilities, making the most of your move to the emirate of Qatar.


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