Renting Residential Property in Qatar

Finding Property for Rent in Qatar

With customer service as its top priority, COREO has developed this online resource to help you find and rent property in Qatar. Using our easy-to-navigate search box, you can look for Qatar apartments for rent, as well as houses for rent in Qatar. Renting can be an affordable and convenient option, especially if you are unable to purchase property in Qatar.

The Districts of Doha, Qatar’s Largest City

As you’re utilizing our property listings to find Qatar apartments for rent, or other types of rental properties, you’ll notice a drop down filter which allows you to determine what area of Qatar you would like to target with your search. Several of these options are districts of Qatar’s largest city, Doha. Popular areas include: Abu Hamour, Abu Sidra, Al Gharaffa, Al Mataar Al Qadeem, Al Sadd, Al Saliya, Grand Hamad, Lusail City, The Pearl Qatar, West Bay, and West Bay Lagoon.

The Pearl Qatar, West Bay, and Al Sadd are a few of the districts of Doha:

  • The Pearl is a newly constructed man-made island off the shore of the West Bay Lagoon area. It is an upscale, luxury residential area with fine shops and gourmet restaurants. The Pearl has some of the most exquisite apartments for rent in Qatar. It is the only area of Qatar where international residents are permitted to buy property.
  • West Bay is also an upmarket area of Doha. Several foreign embassies are located in West Bay, as are a number of thriving outdoor recreation areas. This area has a larger number of villas and housing compounds as opposed to small apartments.
  • In Al Sadd you’ll enjoy an energetic city atmosphere, where apartment buildings are within walking distance of interesting shops, eateries and office buildings. Consider the atmosphere you are looking for as you search for property for rent in Qatar.

There are several means of public transportation available in Doha and other areas of Qatar, including modern buses, taxis and airport shuttles. These various types of transportation can take you to some of Doha’s museums, parks, and other sites of interest and entertainment. There are lots of things to see and experience in Qatar’s largest city. These sights might be of interest to you if you rent property in Qatar, even if it is somewhere other than Doha. Qatar is a vibrant nation with many beautiful and fascinating views to behold.

Helpful Information about Renting Property in Qatar

The Qatari people have sufficient private housing, which suits the needs of their culture. Traditionally, that means several generations of families living together in groups of villas or larger houses, which are preferred to apartments in the Arab culture. COREO’s team of real estate experts can help you find houses for rent in Qatar.

Expatriates relocating to Qatar generally find accommodations in large apartment towers or compounds, which are groupings of houses or small apartment buildings, surrounded by a dividing wall. Compounds sometimes have recreational features, such as swimming pools and/or tennis courts. A restaurant may also be located within the compound, as well as a children’s playground. Some compounds also have a community hall, called a majlis, which is a customary Arab sitting area for greeting and visiting with guests. Compounds vary in size, and there may be only one nationality of residents living there, but there could also be a mix of several different nationalities residing in one compound.

Individual apartment blocks, not contained within a compound, may have fewer amenities; however, they might be preferred over compounds by those who do not enjoy the isolating walls of that type of housing. These are all points to consider when looking for apartments for rent in Qatar.

A Brief Background of Qatar

If you are relocating to Qatar, you can benefit greatly from some useful information about the Arab culture, the history of Qatar, and the different cities and regions of this country. Finding property for rent in Qatar will be a bit easier if you are familiar with the housing options and culture.

Previously a region known mostly for pearling and not for its wealth, Qatar became independent from its former position as a British protectorate after finding abundant revenue in oil and natural gas. The nation has been ruled by the Al Thani family since about the mid-1800s. Qatar encountered a harsh economic downturn in the late 1980s and early 1990s, brought on by an unrelenting drain of its petroleum revenues by the Amir who had reigned since 1972. Amir HAMAD bin Khalifa Al Thani, that former Amir’s son, overthrew his father in 1995 and continues to rule. A resolution to longtime disagreements with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia over borders occurred in 2001. The nation’s oil and natural gas revenue bring its per capita income very close to the leading industrial countries of Western Europe.

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