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There are numerous reasons to relocate to Qatar, and numerous reasons to open, relocate, or expand a business in Qatar. This Arabian nation juts out into the Indian Ocean, a peninsula within a peninsula that’s grown into a magnet for business, tourism, culture, and amusement. The weather in Qatar is not only among this Arabian nation’s most defining characteristics, but also a primary reason so many people have chosen Qatar as a place to live and work, and why so many more are considering it.

The Qatar climate is formally classified as “subtropical desert,” meaning it’s hot and dry overall, with rainfall confined largely to the winter months (December through February). In winter, the rains come in sudden, intense, short-lived bursts. There are also occasional thunderstorms in winter, but these are less common. It does rain in Qatar during other times of the year, but much more sporadically and for shorter durations. The spring months (March through May) have the second-highest average precipitation totals, while the fall (October and November) months are a distant third. In summer time (June to September), there is virtually no rain.

As would be expected in a desert environment, Qatar climate is marked year-round by wide-ranging differences in daily high and low temperatures. Starting in June, Qatar weather is extremely hot. From June to August, high temperatures average over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius). Low temperatures average 81 degrees (27) in June and 84 degrees (29) in July and August. There isn’t much change in May or September, with temperatures in both months averaging 100 degrees and lows dipping to 77 degrees and 79 degrees (25 and 26), respectively. During the coldest months of winter – January and February – the average low temperature in Qatar dips to a moderate – and quite bearable – 55 degrees 13 Celsius, with a high temperature average of 73 degrees (23 Celsius) that time of year.

COREO Real Estate is based in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. The climate in Doha, Qatar is, on average, only slightly hotter than the country’s average. As with Qatar itself, though, nights in Doha, even during the hottest months, are generally temperate and pleasant. Rainfall amounts in Doha are also slightly higher than the national average, but there is still virtually zero rain in the summer. Overall, the climate in Doha is generally reflective of the overall climate in Qatar. Doha, as with the rest of this Arabian nation, is also defined by beautiful sunny skies; there’s hardly a day that passes where one won’t enjoy sunshine against a brilliant blue backdrop.

COREO specializes in properties on The Pearl-Qatar, in the West Bay Commercial District and in the West Bay Lagoon neighborhood. The Pearl is a still-in-development, manmade island encompassing 4 million square meters 2485.48 square miles, with well over 5,000 residents. By 2015, when The Pearl’s development is complete, that number is expected to increase to some 45,000 residents living across some 15,000 properties. The Pearl offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for buyers, sellers, and investors to buy, rent, or sell property. As The Pearl becomes a more popular locale for business and residential real estate, values are bound the increase, as well. One thing that won’t change is the climate in Doha, Qatar, adding to the city’s ever-increasing popularity. Now is the time to purchase, while prices are still relatively affordable.

The West Bay Commercial District and the West Bay Lagoon neighborhood are also very popular. As with The Pearl, there’s an impressive amount of expansion and development taking place in West Bay Lagoon, much of it along beachfront property. The area is especially family-friendly, too, and is home to numerous tennis and basketball courts, parks, and playgrounds. The West Bay Commercial District is an expansive area of business, entertainment and residential development.

Whether a client is looking to purchase property to use as rental or business space, or to call home, the professionals at COREO can help. From seaside villas and apartments to townhouses to office space, COREO assists renters, buyers, landlords, and sellers. COREO offers all the services one would expect from a real estate company, but also goes above and beyond traditional firms by providing relocation assistance, business consulting, property management and marketing services. Contact us to find out how COREO can help you or view our available properties online.


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