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Qatar is a beautiful sovereign Arab state that is located in Western Asia. Residents and even foreigners are looking for a slice of the real estate pie in Qatar. The Qatar real estate market is hot for 2013 and it doesn’t show signs of cooling off any time soon. In 2012, transactions for real estate in Qatar nearly doubled in number from 2011. For individuals or families looking for a safe place to live, Doha is the right place. Finding the best Qatar property for you depends on what area you are looking to settle in, along with budget, and a list of housing essentials.

Locations in Doha

Over 60% of Qatari people live in the heart of Doha. Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is booming with growth. There are big and small projects being built all the time, from small apartments to a new airport. After Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, real estate really started to pick up along with the growth of the construction industry. This growth is great for investors looking to buy property in Qatar and waiting patiently for more property to be added to the market.

The Pearl-Qatar is one of the newest desirable places to live in Qatar. It is a unique man-made island that is currently home to more than 5,000 people but is expected to house 45,000 residents by 2015. It brings a new concept to the real estate market by offering foreign nationals the chance to purchase property. Qatar property is currently only available for expatriates to purchase in certain areas. The Pearl-Qatar is one of those areas and is continually growing and being developed. Real estate here consists mostly of apartment living and hotels. The Pearl-Qatar properties are built with luxurious amenities and many units have ocean views.

Real Estate Budget

Property transactions have surged, and Qatar real estate prices are increasing steadily. This is a great time to buy while the market is strong. Figuring out your budget means knowing what kind of payment is affordable for you each month. Browse the listings and find the apartments that suit your needs and calculate the payment. If you can make the payment comfortably each month, then it’s time to find your property. Being flexible with your budget and desires will make finding Qatar real estate easier.

Housing Needs

Singles, growing families, and investors all have different needs and desires when looking to buy property in Qatar. There are many different options for real estate in Qatar. There are small studio apartments for sale that are close to local amenities, beaches and stores. Maybe having an ocean-view is top on the list and surprisingly most of the current real estate has a sea-side view. Using the COREO online site helps prospective buyers to navigate, read and look at pictures of different real estate. Qatar properties can be easily found by selecting your desired number of bedrooms, location, and price in the search criteria. This will help narrow down the search for real estate. Qatar properties come in a range of sizes, prices and locations, allowing prospective purchasers to find something that fits within their budget.

Rental Properties in Doha

Whether the timing to purchase isn’t quite right or you’re waiting for that perfect piece of real estate in Qatar, renting is a great way to enjoy Qatar and become familiar with the area. It is recommended that people live in an area for a few months prior to purchasing, and renting is a good way to get a feel for the area. Landlords come to real estate companies to help advertise their property and lift the load of management. This makes it easier and safer to choose an apartment to rent.


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