Expats working in Qatar

If you’re looking for work as an expat, jobs in Qatar aren’t usually obtained after moving to the country but are generally set up early beforehand and come with a working and living agreement. Essentially, your current job will send you to work in Qatar, or you will have contact with a company in Qatar which will set up residency and a working visa for you once you enter. It’s wise to properly plan when working in Qatar – jobs for expats will vary from person-to-person and no two situations will be the same. Like moving anywhere else in the world (or even in the same country you already live in) making a move like this will involve a lot of research to find a new job, what to expect from all manners of life such as education and driving traffic, and what there will be to do for fun. Understand why people move to Qatar for work, what it’s like staying here, and what types of jobs are available and in demand in Qatar.

Why Qatar?

Qatar is becoming increasingly popular for both Middle East natives and foreigners making the move. With one of the richest economies in the world (largely due to gas and oil exports), a diverse culture made up of people from all around the world, and constantly furthering technology and architecture, this country is now a hotspot for an expat. Jobs in Qatar cover a variety of industries not just oil: education, health, business, science and technology, and so on. Many people have moved here for a chance at a good income, to try something new in a rapidly advancing nation, and to bring their career to a new level. Considering people from all around the world have moved to Qatar for work, there are some common elements that attract all types of workers. For those looking to Qatar, jobs for expats can lead to a life of luxury living in a bustling city, spending days at the beach, and having the chance to make a difference. Should you consider moving here, there are a lot of differences and general things that should be knownabout the country.

Jobs in Qatar for Expats

Unless the company you already work for is giving you the option to move to Qatar for a position, then you will have to find your own job there. Like most other countries or industries, finding jobs in Qatar for expats will likely involve countless hours searching online for opportunities and work places, connecting to managers via LinkedIn, looking through magazines and newspapers, and asking as many people for help that are willing to. If there is a specific industry that you want to work in, such as education or healthcare, then look to industry-specific job sites which will likely cover more jobs and have more details for the positions. Because oil and gas exports is the largest economical force in Qatar, expat jobs will likely involve that or have the best opportunities for work. Other common fields involve teaching English (or other languages as long as it’s your native tongue), healthcare, and science/technology. Because oil and gas exports will eventually run out, education is quickly being expanded on to protect the future of the country both economically and culturally.

Staying in Qatar

If you ultimately do decide to move to Qatar, even for a short period of time, buying or choosing to get a rental home will be a wonderful experience. There are plenty of affordable options to rent or purchase within the city that will be close to plenty of fun things to do and all the necessities of life for a Qatar expat. Jobs here may even include a place to live as part of a working contract; if not, then your employer may even give some extra salary to be used as a living allowance. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with everything fun there is to do in Qatar: if you’re considering moving here, then don’t just think about money and advancing your career – enjoy it too.


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