Employment Opportunities/Working in Qatar

Working in Qatar is becoming more and more common as foreign investors and companies open new branches in the country. This has created many opportunities for foreign residents to obtain jobs. The biggest industry offering foreign nationals job opportunities is the petrol and gas industry. Before accepting employment in Qatar, there are some things one should know about working and living in the country. The following information will shed some light on Qatar employment opportunities, business etiquette, and more.

Qatar Work Visas

In order to work in Qatar, one must obtain a work visa. In Qatar, getting a work visa requires you to have a Qatari national act as a sponsor for you. Generally this person would be your potential employer. Once you have obtained your Qatar work visa, if you plan on staying in the country, you will also need to obtain a residency visa.

Qatar Employment Opportunities

There are various employment opportunities for foreign nationals looking to work in Qatar. Many job opportunities arise in the gas and petroleum industry. Dukhan and the Ras Laffan Industrial City, part of North Field the world’s largest natural gas deposit, create many job opportunities for both expats and Qataris. The natural gas deposit is located north of Doha and is a major foundation of the country’s economy. In Qatar, the petroleum sector actually began in Dukhan and today, it remains the center of petroleum production in the country.

Qatar Healthcare for Expats

Once you accept a job in Qatar, you will automatically receive healthcare coverage. Expatriates have access to all of the medical care that Qatari nationals do however they do not have access to any social benefits. While you will automatically have access to healthcare when working in Qatar, the public health sector can become clogged, resulting in long wait times for care. For this reason, many foreign nationals will try to obtain health coverage and insurance through their employers, as the wait times for private care are much less.

Pension Plans for Expats

The Qatari government does not offer pension plans to foreign nationals so it is important to plan for this yourself by possibly setting up your own IRA or 401K account to which you contribute. While the government does not offer pension plans, some employers will offer corporate pension plans to which the employee can contribute. It is important to look into this before accepting a job in Qatar.

Cost of Living & Culture

Before you accept a job in Qatar, it is important to learn everything there is to know about the country. Due to the fact that Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, the cost of living can be fairly high and must be taken into consideration before accepting a job. Renting an apartment or villa in one of the areas sanctioned for expatriates can cost you thousands of dollars a month. Along with researching the cost of living before accepting a job, it is also important to become knowledgeable about the country’s culture and customs. Expats need to keep in mind that Qatar is a predominately Muslim country and as such it is important to dress modestly. Reading up on the country’s customs prior to beginning Qatar careers is important.

Finding Housing

If you do accept employment in Qatar, you will need a place to live. There are only certain areas in which expats can own property and these include the West Bay and the Pearl, both of which are home to a large number of expats. If you are looking to rent or purchase property in Qatar, COREO can help. We are a full service resale and rental real estate agency that offers numerous property services in and around Doha, Qatar. If you are staying in the country long term and want to buy a villa, or if you would prefer to rent, we can help you find affordable accommodations online. Contact us today.


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