Education in Qatar

Education is more important than ever in the Middle East. As Doha and other cities are moving to the future, it’s up to the schools in Qatar to guide the students to define the future of modernizing the entire country. The Qatar Foundation is aiming to bring education in the country to a new level in an effort to provide new opportunities for students so they can have a solid learning experience. Qatar sees education as protection for the future: right now oil is keeping the country afloat, so when the time comes and change is needed they will have a country filled with bright, educated people to stay financially secure. Recent years in Qatar have proven to place a higher emphasis on education for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The schools for kids, higher education, and extracurricular activities all have the same goal in mind to promote healthy learning and make a better tomorrow.

Schools in Qatar / Doha

Qatar schools are unique from one another in the sense that many of them follow guidelines based off of the curricula of other schools from around the world, such as the Phoenix Private School which follows the National Curriculum of England and Whales, or Doha College which is home to students aged 3 to 18 and is one of the oldest British curriculum schools in Qatar. Schools in Doha or other cities come in many different forms. Some schools may be gender specific allowing just boys or just girls, based off of the curriculum of a specific country or region of countries, may be culturally and socially diverse, and either private or government maintained. Schools from preschool to some universities are run by the Supreme Education Council

Universities in Qatar

There is an entire region on the outskirts of Doha called Education City and is an initiative of the Qatar Foundation. The district features universities, with various educational centers set up to provide additional help where needed, such as helping with academic problems, or preparing for life at university. In Qatar, there are also multiple centers focused on various research subjects that pair students and professionals together to promote technology development and further the progress of other industries.

Colleges from around the world have set up locations in Doha to provide educational opportunities to a developing area. Some of the Qatar universities include the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and Texas A&M University at Qatar. There are multiple universities throughout the world that offer online programs that are accessible in Qatar as well, should that be a more convenient option. Many of the universities in Qatar are colleges from America that have campuses in Education City; however, there is one native center Qatar University, which boasts roughly 3,000 students and has multiple majors.

Other Education in Qatar

Aside from universities and schools in Qatar, there are other ways students can learn and for education to be promoted. Doha and other cities in Qatar are home to many museums which allow students to learn in a hands-on and fun environment. The Education Center in Doha aims to help students where they are having trouble in school or university, such as learning Arabic, English, math, or other important disciplines.

Taking Education into Account When Choosing Qatar Housing

When you’re looking to rent or buy an affordable new home in Qatar, it’s important to consider the educational philosophy within the new culture you may ultimately become a part of. Getting a rental or making a purchase is a big task to consider in its own right, so it’s good to have a basic understanding of what to expect from education for your child or yourself. Qatar is home to many great universities from many esteemed schools from around the world, and has a diverse assortment of public and private schools for children to attend. COREO can help you with your housing needs and educate you on the various aspects of education within the area in which you choose to reside.


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