The Different Districts of Doha

If you’re thinking of moving to Doha or looking to relocate within city limits, it’s important to learn about the different areas of the city, before making the decision to rent or buy. Doha has ten main districts; each of which has a lot to offer and is unique in its own special way. Take the time to research the districts online, or travel to a few of your top choices, to see which one you can see yourself calling home. For example, if you’re looking to live in a centrally located district, Al Muntazah or Bin Mahmoud might be a great choice for you, while Duhail/Al Rayyan is a good choice if you’re working at Education City.

Choosing a new neighborhood is a big decision and it is important to be well informed prior to moving day. The following is a bit of information about the districts within Doha, what they include, and who might find them most appealing:

Al Muntazah

Located in the heart of Doha, Al Muntazah is home to many newly built office buildings and affordable apartments. This is a great area of the city to find a rental if you’re on a budget.

Al Sadd

If you’re looking for a vibrant area where you can walk to work, Al Sadd might be a great choice for you. Stroll down the street to find shops, restaurants, and cafes intermixed with apartment buildings and offices.

Bin Mahmoud

Another centrally located and moderately priced area of the city is Bin Mahmoud. While some of the older, more run-down buildings in this district can be a bit off-putting, it’s still a vibrant, exciting area to call home.

Najma/the Mall & Airport Area

Single women may choose to steer clear of the Najma/the Mall & Airport area, as the population is largely composed of single men. Due to an increase instance of harassment or unwanted advances, women tend to avoid this neighborhood. The district is considered to be one of the older areas of town, but still offering the residents the amenities needed to live comfortably.

Old Ghanim/Old Ghuwailina

Another older part of town is Old Ghanim/Old Ghuwailina. If you’re in need of affordable rent, this is the place for you. If possible, you may want to avoid having a car if you opt for this district, as driving and parking can be challenging.

Landmark (Duhail)/ Al Rayyan

Families may consider the Landmark Duhail/ Al Rayyan area, as it is filled with single family homes and is located near Education city. This district is also very popular with expats.

Salwa Road and Abu Hamour

Salwa Road and Abu Hamour is also a popular area among families. Experiencing a great deal of expansion over the past few years, it offers many new roads and buildings, and some of the largest schools in Doha.

The Villagio Area (Al Waab and Al Aziziyah)

Home to the area’s newest shopping mall, the Villagio area, Al Waab and Al Aziziyah is a favorite of expatriate families. You’ll need a car to get to the restaurant and stores if you purchase a home here, but living in the area is worth the drive.

West Bay and Al Dafna

Finally, if you’re ready to relocate your family one of the more elite parts of the city, head to West Bay and Al Dafna. This district features large homes and beautiful landscaping. It also features shopping areas and options for dining out.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, COREO can help you find your new home, in your ideal district. It always helps to have the assistance of an experienced professional, when looking for your dream home. Let us know what you’re looking for in your next neighborhood and how we can help you navigate the real estate opportunities in Doha. We want, just as you do, for your district to be a place you love, that you’re happy to live in each and every day.

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