Culture and Tourism in Qatar

Discover the rich culture of the Middle East at one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Qatar has been called the world’s richest country, and it contains one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East – Doha. This waterfront city, which contains the 80% of Qatar’s population, has become a constantly changing metropolis. The name, Doha, translates to “the big tree”, and is synonymous with growth. The impressive Doha skyline has bloomed in recent years and tourism in Qatar has boomed as well, with growth of about 12% in 2012 according to the Qatar Tourism Authority. When current hotels under construction are finished, Qatar will offer more than 19,000 hotel rooms to tourists.


Though Arabic is the national language, most shop and hotel owners speak English. It is often the language of choice for business interactions. Also, many ex-patriots live in Qatar, with approximately 300,000 of its two million population being nationals, and the rest being non-nationals. Brushing up on some simple phrases is recommended but not required.


Qatar enjoys a sub-tropic climate. The Qatar Tourism Authority recommends visiting during the mildest months between October and April when temperatures dip, but still remain a hot alternative to northern winter weather. In summer, when humidity and temperatures rise, air-conditioned indoor facilities are used more readily. Take your personal preferences for activities into consideration when planning your trip.

A Peaceful Country

Qatar tourism has been evolving for many years. In the past it has served as a conference location for many organizations such as the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCC), and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Qatar has been ranked as one of the top twenty most peaceful countries in the world, ranking above the United Kingdom and France. This makes this Middle Eastern country a great place to visit.


Though Qatar is very peaceful, it’s hardly secular, as it has kept many aspects of its culturally rich Islamic society. When staying or renting in Qatar, it’s best to research social etiquette tips in Qatar tourist guides to know what to expect. As with many places, Doha, Qatar culture can be different from western cultures in some aspects. For instance, modest dress is definitely recommended unless at a swimming pool or beach. Good-natured bargaining while in the souq is not considered rude – it’s encouraged! Finally, since alcohol is available, but not common, public drunken displays are not looked on positively. As many people in Qatar are Muslim, the people of Qatar will observe practices such as praying five times each day. These, among other things you should to know should be researched ahead of time to avoid social awkwardness and enhance the experience.

Tourist Attractions

Numerous options are available when it comes to tourist attractions. Qatar is full of interesting man-made, natural and momentous opportunities for sightseeing, from the aforementioned souqs to the Al Dakhira Natural Reserves. Tourists can walk along the Doha Corniche or visit the Museum of Islamic Art. The beautiful island section of Doha named the Pearl is the newest and probably most impressive tourist attraction in Qatar.

Shopping and Activities

Other opportunities, such as shopping, dining and entertaining, are also available, as Doha boasts 25 halls and 5 cinemas, numerous malls and souqs, and many options for cuisine, from Italian to Qatari. Sports are a part of Qatar tourism as well. Qatar’s waterways are often used for boating and swimming, and racing, tennis and football grace its shores. The world’s wealth has invested in Doha, and as a result many people worldwide buy, rent and purchase housing in the area. Despite this, the cost of living remains low compared to other world-renown cities, like London or New York.

A Tourism Resource

COREO remains an excellent resource for those wanting to visit, live and work in Qatar. Affordable rentals are available online. Consider buying or renting in the beautiful Pearl quarter, or stay in many other sections of the city. To stay updated on the market, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter. We hope you enjoy your stay in Qatar!


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