Couples Destinations in Qatar

More and more tourists are beginning to discover Qatar – an affluent country located on the Arabian Peninsula. This gem of the Middle East has mesmerized travelers with its dazzling turquoise waters, luxury resorts, and exotic lifestyle. Qatar not only appeals to tourists, but to expatriates as well, as hundreds of foreigners continue to flood into Qatar every day and have started to buy and rent property in this beautiful country. Qatar offers attractions for all kinds of tourists and locals, but visiting this unique country with your significant other will drastically increase the romance and the intrigue of your vacation. Take a look at some of the must-see couples vacation destinations in Qatar:

The Corniche

Located in Doha, the beautiful and modern capital city of Qatar, the Corniche is a big draw for both tourists and locals. Stretching for several miles along the Doha Bay, the Corniche is the perfect spot to take a romantic stroll or bike ride, especially after sunset when the heat of the day abates. Qatar is one of the best vacation destinations for couples in the Middle East, and the Corniche provides a romantic evening activity for couples of all ages.

Souq Waqif

Translated literally as the “standing market,” the Souq Waqif upholds a century-old tradition – the selling and buying of various goods local to Qatar. Although this massive market dates back over a century, its recent renovation has made it one of the most attractive vacation destinations for couples, families, and local residents in Qatar. Inside the Souq, couples can enjoy the diversity of the various shops and savor typical Arab cuisine at one of the market’s many stalls or restaurants.

World-Class Restaurants

As the country with the highest per capita income in the entire world, Qatar naturally has some excellent dining establishments. The cuisine in Qatar is not limited to just Arab dishes, but is actually quite diverse. For example, the Porcini Italian Restaurant, located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, provides an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for diners to enjoy world-class Italian dishes. Other noteworthy dining establishments in Doha include La Mer, Il Teatro, and Layali. While traveling as a couple, vacation destinations with fine dining options can be hard to come by. Qatar, however, will surprise and excite you with its delicious world-class cuisine.

The Khor Al-Adaid

The Khor Al-Adaid, also known as the Inland Sea, is a natural reserve that highlights the untamed beauty of the desert. Just a short 50-mile trip outside of Doha, The Khor Al-Adaid is one of the best vacation destinations for couples, especially for adventure-lovers, as it is only accessible by a four wheel-drive. Couples can sand ski on the picturesque sand dunes, conquer the dunes with a 4WD vehicle, or embrace the desert life by taking a camel ride, all while enjoying the dazzling blue backdrop of the Inland Sea. Locals that choose to purchase or rent property in Doha are lucky enough to be able to visit this incredible natural reserve frequently throughout the year.

Lincoln Center Doha

If you are a music-loving couple, vacation destinations such as the Lincoln Center in Doha and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra are must-sees during your trip to Qatar. The Lincoln Center in Doha is an expansion of the famous Lincoln Center in New York City, and hosts world-class jazz artists, such as The Dominick Farinacci Quartet, Jonathan Batiste and Joe Saylor, and Wynton Marsalis. The Lincoln Center in Doha provides a perfect activity for couples who love jazz music as well as couples looking for an affordable night out, as there is no entrance fee to enjoy the beautiful works of its world-class musicians.

The Pearl Qatar

Doha is a truly modern and revolutionary city, which is evident when visiting The Pearl. This man-made island spans almost 4 million square meters and is home to some of the most desirable real estate in all of Qatar, as locals and expatriates alike hope to purchase a home on this spectacular island. With several five-star hotels and extensive options for fine dining, shopping, and entertainment, The Pearl is one of the most coveted destinations in Doha for both travelers and residents, and is one of the must see couples’ vacation destinations in Qatar.

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