Average Cost of Living in Qatar

Before someone should consider moving to this beautiful location, hopeful residents should become familiar with the cost of living in Qatar when looking to rent or purchase a new home. Many people are flocking to Qatar in recent years from all around the world – the natural culture is amazing and it’s expanding economically and technologically to a whole new level. The entire country is on the rise and is looking to become one of the most popular, luxurious countries in the world – so what does that mean for the cost of living? Qatar is an amazing city, so when you’re looking to buy or comparing affordable rentals there are a few other things to consider aside from just the price of a new home.

What do I Need to Consider?

Qatar is located in the Arabian Gulf and is presently rated as the world’s richest country with even more innovation and expansion to come. Even though the official language is Arabic, one could easily live here only knowing English as it’s commonly spoken and understood. Try browsing around online a bit to get a feel for the new culture and what to know before going, such as religions, entertainment, cultural differences, etc.

When looking at the cost of living in Qatar, there is a lot to know in terms of education, health, culture, enjoyment, transportation, and more. Unlike many other places in the world, petrol and gas for a car are fairly affordable, but since food is imported it may be a bit costly, as will be entertainment costs. It’s important to know that the entire country is in the middle of something of a cultural change, so understanding what it’s like to live in Qatar while it’s a place in progress is important. There are many people from all around the world looking to live here – major areas in Qatar act as a melting pot of people from Europe, America, India, and others looking for a new change of life and work opportunities.

What is the Cost of Living in Qatar?

Since the population has been increasingly rapidly with the announcement of the 2022 World Cup, cultural expansion, and job opportunities, the Qatar cost of living has been also steadily on the rise. However, with rising populations and increasing rents, Government officials have been making it a goal to spend more capital on education and healthcare in hopes of curbing some other rising costs. As with other major cities in the world, there is a variety of food and entertainment options to fit the needs of different budgets or interests – there are many fast food and casual dining options, but there are also plenty of five-star alternatives as well.

Since a subway or train option is still in progress, the primary mode of transportation is driving for residents but gas prices are fairly low luckily. Education options can vary widely, ranging from cheaper public options to private educations. Groceries also have dynamic differences: anything imported will likely be pretty expensive, but there are of course many cheaper local and regionally produced alternatives. Technology goods can actually be pretty cheap since importing costs are much lower because of the closer proximity to where many items are produced, but this isn’t the case for everything. The government aims to keep utility costs low to benefit the local population, but some costs such as air-conditioning for the hot summers can become expensive.


Ultimately the Qatar cost of living is essentially comparable to many other major cities and areas throughout the world. Goods depend on importing costs as with many other cities, but there are frequently local alternatives to provide lower costs. Many necessities such as utilities, groceries, and education can be affordable on lower budgets but there can be expensive options should you have means to afford it. Another thing to note is that not every area is the same and there are different great locations to choose from. The Qatar cost of living is no different from any other city – it all depends on how you make it! Once deciding if the cost of living is within your means, and you find a job, you will need housing. Coreo can assist with finding apartments, villas, and more for sale or rent.


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