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In recent years, foreigners have been able to buy property and rent apartments in designated areas of Qatar. Renters, buyers, sellers, and landlords from all over the world have turned their eye to Qatar which is located north of Saudi Arabia. As a result, the price of real estate continues to rise. The three main hot spots to find serviced apartments in Qatar are The Pearl, West Bay Lagoon, and Al Khor, though rental opportunities are also available in lesser known areas of Qatar. Rent apartment suites, flats, and fully furnished one bedroom dwellings in any of these areas. Prices vary according to location, demand, and the type of Qatar apartments being selected.

Due to its heavy marketability, many foreigners flock to The Pearl for suites, flats, studios, and serviced apartments in Qatar. This area is a man-made island created upon a former pearl diving site. Prior to the introduction of more affordable pearls by the Japanese, Qatar was a major pearl trader in Asia. The Pearl is a means of representing the history of Qatar in relation to the pearl industry. The island has 40,000 residents occupying 11,000 villas, town homes, penthouses, and fully furnished apartments with plans to create a gated community. Dozens of shops located in the City Center mall are found within walking distance of the living areas. Future construction plans include three marinas, berths for several hundred boats, and three five-star hotels. Imagine leaving the comfort of your home to enter a miniature paradise filled with canals, lakes, and navigable coves. This can become a reality when you choose COREO as your real estate provider.

Expatriates have many reasons to live in one of the many serviced Qatar apartments in the area, made available by COREO. The area provides plenty of outdoor activities that would satisfy many expatriates, such as fishing, scuba diving, and sailing. There are a multitude of nationalities and restaurants available, making it a cultural melting pot ideal for those who love variety. While public primary schools in Qatar are free, there are a significant number of international and private schools in Qatar which have very good reputations but are often expensive and have long waiting lists.

Landlords and tenants can obtain their residency when buying or renting property. Residency is guaranteed as long as the buyer or renter is disease-free and without a criminal record. Buyers and renters must contact immigration themselves, or hire a third-party, to receive their visa; this makes the transition into Qatar virtually hassle-free. Qatar is also a tax-free country. While rental yields for landlords may fluctuate, the government is putting a huge effort into developing the country. This means that profits will continue to rise as Qatar becomes more modernized.

COREO provides a team of real estate professionals who aim to assist renters, buyers, sellers, and landlords with the tools to make the right decision about their future purchase in Qatar. Rent apartment studios, flats, suites, and serviced apartments in Qatar with our online professional support.


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