Affordable Cost of Living in Doha, Qatar

The capital of Doha in the country of Qatar is one of the most radiant jewels in all of the Middle East. The name, translating to “the big tree,” has been synonymous with growth. It has been ranked 17th on the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) and its economy grew more than 14% last year. The cost of living in Doha, Qatar is no match to the view of the opulent waterfront skyline. The world-famous Doha Corniche, which is a waterfront promenade extending along the Doha Bay, is graced with the view of world-renown skyscrapers.

Many people find themselves traveling to the city, as it has served as a conference location for many organizations such as the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCC), and the World Trade Organization WTO. Exploring Doha can be a great deal of fun, as tourism is quite active. There are many man-made and natural landmarks to sightsee in Doha, Qatar. Cost of living aside, it contains many great sights such as the Museum of Islamic Art and the The Pearl, which is an island city in development since 2007. Visitors often have an easy time adjusting to the language, as the majority of residents speak English as well as Arabic. Dress often includes light-weight fibers and lots of covering to avoid sunburns, and cultural gaps are often bridged by the use of wearing modest clothing and respecting local customs.

For those doing business in Qatar, sometimes a longer stay may be in order. Affordable apartments for rent are available online, and with a lower living cost in Doha, Qatar than in other cities, many exciting kinds of sports, entertainment, shopping and dining experiences are available. With so many options available for purchase, becoming a member of the great city can happen without having to incur a great cost of living. Doha, Qatar contains a vast majority of Qatar’s two million person population. Though there may be many questions one might have about working in such a culturally-rich place, many across the globe have chosen to stay in Qatar as it is a great place for renting and living. Cost in Doha, Qatar can be high compared to other countries in the Middle East; however, the ever-important standard of living is also very high.

The currency is the Qatari Riyal (QAR). A businessman or woman who would like to buy property online may find that cost of living in Doha, Qatar is actually quite low compared to other world-renown cities, especially taking currency conversions in mind. London, New York City, and Tokyo can have staggering costs for simple items like groceries or power and the Doha, Qatar cost of living can definitely be seen as an improvement on these. The majority of items are cheaper in Doha than in those cities. Rare items such as alcohol, as drinking is a legal, but not a widely-done activity, are some of the only exceptions to the low cost of living. Doha, Qatar is an internationally-used and beautiful location for business ventures, conferences and travel.

The wider country of Qatar is a sovereign Arab state. It is a small peninsula off of Saudi Arabia, and has its own independent government. It has been ranked as one of the top twenty most peaceful countries in the world, ranking above America, China, and France. Islam is widely practiced. For many years the country was a British protectorate until it gained independence in 1971. In 2003, the country adopted a new constitution which abolished sharia courts and created a democratic election of the Central Municipal Council (CMC). Women have driving, voting, and working rights, unlike nearby countries. Qatar embraces modernity, while retaining its Islamic identity. Fascinatingly, of its population of about two million people, approximately 300,000 are nationals, and the rest is comprised of expatriates. Before visiting or renting in Qatar, it is good to learn about some common cultural practices such as using only the right hand to pass or receive items, dressing modestly, and bargaining at the souq (market).

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