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Shopping in Qatar

Qatar shopping is among the best in the world. As a continuously expanding retail hub, Doha, Qatar shopping offers consumers a wide-variety of goods with no sales tax on any purchases. This helps people to find affordable deals, especially when prices are compared to those in other countries which do place a sales tax on all purchased items. Qatar online shopping has also become a popular purchasing method for consumers who don't have the time to visit the stores themselves or who simply prefer to stay away from the retail arena. A Wide-Variety of Options Shoppers in Qatar have a mu. . . Read more

Buying Residential Property in Qatar

If you're tired of paying rent to live in your home, consider taking a look at some of the property for sale in Qatar. Take a walk through your favorite districts in Doha, or search online to see what is currently on the market. Purchasing your very own home is a very satisfying feeling. Knowing that you own the space you live in feels very different than residing in a rental property. So if you haven't already begun, now is the time to find the Qatar house for sale that you've been dreaming about for year. . . Read more

Doha Real Estate Properties

If you're searching for apartments in Doha, or looking for a business space your company can call home, COREO can help you find what you're looking for. As the capital city of Qatar, Doha is large, meaning that the search for Doha accommodations can be overwhelming; but we're here to make it easy. We'll find business spaces and apartments for rent in Doha that are both affordable and fit your needs. Save time looking for properties by searching through our online database to get an idea of all we have to. . . Read more

Houses in Qatar

Qatar's economic outlook for 2013 and 2014 underlines the increasing significance of industries apart from oil and gas in shaping the country's future. Real estate -- residential, industrial, and office space -- is being seen as a new frontrunner and prices are making a comeback, with increases seen in all segments. As per the Qatar Credit Bureau's real estate price index (PDF), the lows seen in the market in 2009 are now a distant memory. Property prices were up by 5.8% at. . . Read more

Instead of Trying to Find a Home on Your Own, Enlist the Help of the Professionals

Qatar is a beautiful sovereign Arab state that is located in Western Asia. Residents and even foreigners are looking for a slice of the real estate pie in Qatar. The Qatar real estate market is hot for 2013 and it doesn't show signs of cooling off any time soon. In 2012, transactions for real estate in Qatar nearly doubled in number from 2011. For individuals or families looking for a safe place to live, Doha is the right place. Finding the best Qatar property for you depends on what area you are looking to settle i. . . Read more

Renting Commercial Property in Qatar

Qatar is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and frequented locations in the Middle East. Business owners looking to expand their horizons and move to an area with higher traffic should consider the benefits of commercial property for rent in Qatar. Being a tenant means you will be able to avoid the hassle and time spent when you own the property, and save money in the process. You are in complete control of where you want the business located. Outlined below are some of the primary . . . Read more

The Pearl Qatar Properties

If you've set your sights on purchasing or renting a property on The Pearl Qatar, COREO can make your dream a reality. A man-made island in Doha, Qatar, The Pearl is the premier location in Qatar to make luxury property ownership by foreign nationals a possibility. Located about 350 meters off the shore of the West Bay Lagoon region, The Pearl was designed with luxury, style, and beauty. A wide range of properties are available for rent or purchase on The Pearl Qatar. With COREO's dedicated . . . Read more

Renting Residential Property in Qatar

Finding Property for Rent in Qatar With customer service as its top priority, COREO has developed this online resource to help you find and rent property in Qatar. Using our easy-to-navigate search box, you can look for Qatar apartments for rent, as well as houses for rent in Qatar. Renting can be an affordable and convenient option, especially if you are unable to purchase property in Qatar. The Districts of Doha, Qatar's Largest City As you're utilizing our property listings to find Qatar apartments for rent, or other types of . . . Read more

The Process of Buying Property in Qatar

Purchasing property in another country is an exciting, but also daunting venture. Fortunately, learning how to buy property in Qatar is not difficult with all the information available to potential buyers. There are many factors to consider with such a purchase, including the reasons for investing in a Qatar property. The current sustained economic growth in Qatar makes it financially desirable to investors in today's real estate market. Whether an individual is considering a property purchase for personal or commercial use, COREO can help every step of the way. Since 2008, our real estate exp. . . Read more

History of Qatar

The Qatar Peninsula has a long history, dating back at least 50,000 years to when it was inhabited by small groups of Stone Age people. Over the centuries, the Peninsula was influenced by several great powers and it was not until 1971 that Qatar gained full independence. While the Ottomans granted the country autonomy in 1913, in 1916 Qatar gave up its autonomy in return for Britain's military protection and the country remained under British rule until 1971. Ancient Qatar History Throughout histor. . . Read more

Couples Destinations in Qatar

More and more tourists are beginning to discover Qatar - an affluent country located on the Arabian Peninsula. This gem of the Middle East has mesmerized travelers with its dazzling turquoise waters, luxury resorts, and exotic lifestyle. Qatar not only appeals to tourists, but to expatriates as well, as hundreds of foreigners continue to flood into Qatar every day and have started to buy and rent property in this beautiful country. Qatar offers attractions for all kinds of tourists and locals, but visiting this unique country with your significan. . . Read more

Culture and Tourism in Qatar

Discover the rich culture of the Middle East at one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Qatar has been called the world's richest country, and it contains one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East - Doha. This waterfront city, which contains the 80% of Qatar's population, has become a constantly changing metropolis. The name, Doha, translates to "the big tree", and is synonymous with growth. The impressive Doha skyline has bloomed in recent years and tourism in Qatar has boom. . . Read more

Qatar’s Architectural Styles

Qatar is home to an eclectic mix of architecture with building designs ranging from traditional to modern. Doha, the capital city, is filled with amazing architectural feats including Souq Waqif, The Pearl, Qatar University, and more. It was not, however, until the 1970s that the city became modernized. The architectural landscape of Qatar is constantly changing as world famous architects design new landmarks. Below is information on some of the interesting architectural building styles found around Qatar. The Museum of Islamic Art The Museu. . . Read more

The Different Districts of Doha

If you're thinking of moving to Doha or looking to relocate within city limits, it's important to learn about the different areas of the city, before making the decision to rent or buy. Doha has ten main districts; each of which has a lot to offer and is unique in its own special way. Take the time to research the districts online, or travel to a few of your top choices, to see which one you can see yourself calling home. For example, if you're looking to live in a centrally. . . Read more

Tips for Traveling to Qatar from Different Areas of the World

There are many things you need to do to prepare to travel to Qatar. It is important to be prepared to handle the expectations and customs of the country. These tips should help you enjoy a memorable vacation experience. When you are traveling to Qatar you should review the travel information on Qatar provided by your country. These guidelines explain the basic steps that you need to take when you travel to Qatar. It is also important to review health information that many websites will provide online about the country. There are strict custom guidelines for entering the country, and it is i. . . Read more
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