Living in Qatar

Shopping in Qatar

Qatar shopping is among the best in the world. As a continuously expanding retail hub, Doha, Qatar shopping offers consumers a wide-variety of goods with no sales tax on any purchases. This helps people to find affordable deals, especially when prices are compared to those in other countries which do place a sales tax on all purchased items. Qatar online shopping has also become a popular purchasing method for consumers who don't have the time to visit the stores themselves or who simply prefer to stay away from the retail arena. A Wide-Variety of Options Shoppers in Qatar have a mu. . . Read more

Average Cost of Living in Qatar

Before someone should consider moving to this beautiful location, hopeful residents should become familiar with the cost of living in Qatar when looking to rent or purchase a new home. Many people are flocking to Qatar in recent years from all around the world - the natural culture is amazing and it's expanding economically and technologically to a whole new level. The entire country is on the rise and is looking to become one of the most popular, luxurious countries in the world - so what does that mean for the cost of living? Qatar is an amazing city, so when you're looking to buy or compari. . . Read more

Affordable Cost of Living in Doha, Qatar

The capital of Doha in the country of Qatar is one of the most radiant jewels in all of the Middle East. The name, translating to "the big tree," has been synonymous with growth. It has been ranked 17th on the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) and its economy grew more than 14% last year. The cost of living in Doha, Qatar is no match to the view of the opulent waterfront skyline. The world-famous Doha Corniche, which is a waterfront promenade extending along the Doha Bay, is graced with the view. . . Read more

Currency & Money in Qatar

Whether a person is moving permanently or temporarily to Doha, it is important to understand what the Qatar currency is and the current exchange rates. While in Qatar, every aspect of one's stay is dependent on having the correct money in hand. This knowledge will make it easier for travelers to convert foreign currencies, such as the United States dollar, to the accepted Doha, Qatar currency. Understanding and having the correct currency in Doha, Qatar will help new residents when looking for an af. . . Read more

Doing Business in Qatar

For individuals who plan on doing business in Qatar as foreigners, it is imperative they have an understanding of the country's culture, key concepts, and values. Economically, Qatar thrives on its petroleum and gas industry which accounts for 80 percent of the government's revenue. Its tourism industry comes in as a close second, especially during economic downturns. While the rest of the world continued to str. . . Read more

Education in Qatar

Education is more important than ever in the Middle East. As Doha and other cities are moving to the future, it's up to the schools in Qatar to guide the students to define the future of modernizing the entire country. The Qatar Foundation is aiming to bring education in the country to a new level in an effort to provide new opportunities for students so they can have a solid learning experience. Qatar sees education as protection for the future: right now oil is keeping the country afloat, so when the time comes and change is needed t. . . Read more

Economic Opportunities in Qatar

In recent years, the Qatar economy has become one of the richest in the world - mainly due to their petroleum reserves, oil, and gas. Even though resource exports are the cornerstone of the country's financial success, Qatar is looking to diversify their long-term development in hopes to maintain the economic results once the gas runs out. Gas and oil may be keeping the country afloat now, but down the line there are high hopes that through research and development, a focus on education. . . Read more

Employment Opportunities/Working in Qatar

Working in Qatar is becoming more and more common as foreign investors and companies open new branches in the country. This has created many opportunities for foreign residents to obtain jobs. The biggest industry offering foreign nationals job opportunities is the petrol and gas industry. Before accepting employment in Qatar, there are some things one should know about working and living in the country. The following information will shed some light on Qatar emp. . . Read more

Expats Living in Qatar

If you're planning on living in Doha, Qatar as an expat there are some things you should be aware of before making the transition and change in your lifestyle. Since there are so many people going to Doha from various regions throughout the world, it is a new and novel experience and the way each person adjusts is different from the next. For the people who are geographically closer, such as those from India or other countries in the Middle East or Asia, it is not as difficult a transition as it might be for others. For Europeans and Americans, living in Qatar it can be a little more of a chal. . . Read more

Living in Doha vs. Dubai

There are many different things to consider when choosing where to visit and live in the Middle East. Two cities on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula serve as great booming metropolises, both open to westerners. They contain stable economies and beautiful sights. Living in Doha, Qatar and living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates are both great options, as they are both beautiful cities to visit, live and work in. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have some things in common. Firstly, both countries were ruled by Britain until. . . Read more

Expats working in Qatar

If you're looking for work as an expat, jobs in Qatar aren't usually obtained after moving to the country but are generally set up early beforehand and come with a working and living agreement. Essentially, your current job will send you to work in Qatar, or you will have contact with a company in Qatar which will set up residency and a working visa for you once you enter. It's wise to properly plan when working in Qatar - jobs for expats will vary from person-to-person and no two situations will be the same. Like moving anywhere else in the world (or even in the same country you already live . . . Read more

Going Green in Qatar

When you are interested in moving to Qatar, you may want to learn about the green homes that are available to purchase in the country. A green home can help you conserve water and energy and live more affordably. Qatar is leading the Middle East in a green construction movement for both public buildings and energy efficient apartments. They are incorporating a wide number of green technologies including solar power, and work to reduce traffic emissions. If you are looking for an energy efficient apartment, you should be able to find such a rental in Qatar. The “going green” movement has. . . Read more

Qatar Property Law

Historically property ownership in Qatar has been limited to Qatar nationals. Since there is no one resource outlining property laws in Qatar, determining the legality of non-nationals buying, selling, or leasing property in Qatar can be confusing. In recent years, there have been significant changes in Qatar's property laws. Non-nationals may now purchase, rent, and occupy properties with certain restrictions. While it may seem challenging to understand Qatar laws and property ownership, we are here to answer any questions regarding Qatar . . . Read more

Qatar’s Climate

There are numerous reasons to relocate to Qatar, and numerous reasons to open, relocate, or expand a business in Qatar. This Arabian nation juts out into the Indian Ocean, a peninsula within a peninsula that's grown into a magnet for business, tourism, culture, and amusement. The weather in Qatar is not only among this Arabian nation's most defining characteristics, but also a primary reason so many people have chosen . . . Read more

Schools in Qatar

Taking a job in Qatar and deciding to relocate your family can be an exciting time both professionally and personally. There are so many parts of your move to this small, arid country that borders Saudi Arabia that need to be choreographed carefully for it to be a success. You'll need to juggle the transition of your professional responsibilities while exploring the opportunity to purchase or rent a home one in Qatar. International school versus independent school options for your children also need to be . . . Read more
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