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Selling property in Qatar can be a seamless process if you have the right connections and real estate knowledge. Buyers have a wide range of choices and it is critical that your property is well represented.

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about selling property in Doha:

1.  What is the housing market like in Doha?

There has recently been an increase in the housing market in Doha, specifically freehold areas such as The Pearl Qatar, which is predicted to continue going up over the next several years with the phased release of further projects in The Pearl and in major projects such as Lusail Qatar.

2.  What could be the reason that my property in Doha is not selling?

In most cases, the property is not being properly showcased or priced. Selling a home requires exceptional promotion and strategic staging, as well as proper assessment of the market to identify a marketable price for the property. Our real estate professionals are able to advise on how best to optimize a property that is put up for sale.

3.  How can COREO help sell my property?

COREO has a team of talented marketing experts who will promote, stage, and sell your property for the maximum amount possible. We also assist potential buyers with the process of acquiring the necessary financing to ensure a sound deal is concluded.

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