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Staging a property for rent or resale takes strategic planning. Our marketing specialists know how to transform any property into an inviting and enticing location that potential residents will be eager to rent or buy.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about marketing and staging:

1. How does COREO market real estate for sale or rent?

We have a multitude of mediums to market property in to ensure the maximum exposure of our real estate portfolio. All of our properties are photographed and added to our online platforms to share your property with tens of thousands of visitors who frequent our online platforms.

We have a considerable network of clients in addition to thousands of people and companies subscribed to our social media platforms and market newsletters. COREO also provides creative marketing strategies by developing virtual tours and holding open houses for select projects. Beyond marketing online and in editorials, our strongest marketing medium continues to be that of word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients.

2. What is staging?

Staging refers to preparing a house for a showing or an open house by creating a welcome and well-organized environment. It involves a thorough cleaning, as well as special little touches that will appeal to potential buyers.

3. What are some popular staging techniques?

There are quite a few different staging techniques that will work, but these seem to be the most effective:

  • Remove all personal items, so homeowners can imagine themselves in the space.
  • Appeal to their senses by adding sweet smelling flowers or baked goods.
  • Eliminate clutter so that the space appears larger.
  • A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to improve the look of a room. Just remember to always choose neutral colours.

Please contact COREO for more tips on staging your property for rent or sale.

4. What is the difference between decorating a property and staging a property?

Decorating a house is transforming it into a home using your own personal style and preference. Staging a house refers to changing it into an inviting blank canvas that will entice a potential person into renting or purchasing it.

5. Why is staging necessary?

Most people can’t visualize the potential an apartment or home has when it is filled with other people’s belongings. Staging makes it easier for potential residents to picture themselves living in the space, which should make it easier to rent or sell.

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