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There are many details involved in leasing property in Qatar. It is important that you understand any contractual agreements before signing a tenancy contract. This section will cover the most frequently asked questions about leasing property.

1. What do I need to secure a property that I am interested in leasing?

Most landlords will allow you to hold the property if you pay for the security deposit in advance. This deposit is considered as intent to rent and may not be given back if you decide that you no longer want to rent the unit.

2. Is a security deposit refundable?

The value of a security deposit is typically equivalent to one month’s rent and is refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement (minus any relevant deductions for damages), providing the tenant has upheld all of the terms and conditions that were stipulated in the tenancy contract.

3. How long is a usual tenancy contract?

Most tenancy contacts are agreed upon for one full year. Some higher-end places may require a two-year commitment.

4. Will my lease automatically be renewed?

Most tenancy contracts will specify that a renewal must be agreed upon by both parties once the existing lease has expired.

5. What does a landlord or real estate agent require for a tenancy contract?

All tenants must have a security deposit, post-dated cheques for rent, a passport, and a residential visa to obtain a lease.

6. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the rental property?

The landlord is typically responsible for any property maintenance, which would be clarified in the property’s lease agreement. If there is a maintenance issue, it should be brought to the landlord’s or property manager’s attention as soon as possible.

7. Can I make changes to the structure of the rental unit?

Unless otherwise agreed, no structural or permanent changes can be made to the property unless they are first approved by the landlord.

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