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If you are considering renting or purchasing properties in Doha, Qatar, and you are new to the country, then the answers to these frequently asked questions may be helpful with making the process easier.

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1. How can Coreo help me find a property in Qatar and at what cost?

Coreo works with property owners across all of Qatar to ensure that you have the most options available to select a new home to rent or purchase. Our team will coordinate showings of various properties that suit your needs, and after finding a suitable property, Coreo will facilitate the entire leasing and/or purchasing process on your behalf.  Agency fees applied to a transaction on behalf of a tenant or investor in Qatar is the equivalent of one half month rent and 1% of the sales price, respectively, for a lease or purchase.

2. How difficult is it to find properties for rent in Qatar?

Despite the significant demand for real estate needs in Qatar as a result of its booming economy, there is a fair amount of supply of villas, apartments, and townhouses available for rent across Doha in areas such as the West Bay Lagoon, the Pearl Qatar, and Al Sadd. Properties tend to move quite quickly due to the significant influx of residents that are moving to Qatar, so it’s important that one has the right real estate professional to appropriately identify and secure a property.

3. What is required in order to secure a property for rent in Doha?

A potential tenant typically needs to provide the following documents in order to rent a property in Qatar:

  • Residency permit
  • Qatar ID card
  • A copy of the sponsor’s ID card when signing the lease.

In the event these items are not required, a company may rent a property on behalf of an employee.

4. Where can I purchase property in Qatar?

Foreign property ownership is allowed in Qatar, but is restricted to designated areas as stipulated in Cabinet resolutions and as per Law No. 17 of 2004 Regulating Ownership and Usufruct of Real Estate and Residential Units. Non-Qatari nationals can purchase in areas such as The Pearl Qatar, West Bay Lagoon, and Al Khor developments and acquire usufruct rights not to exceed 99 years (which is equivalent to a 99 year lease). GCC nationals can purchase in further areas, which includes Lusail, Jabal Thuayleb, and Khurayj.

5. Is it a good time to buy property in Doha?

Absolutely! Prices are still low from the 2008 market crash and the direction of the market and Qatar’s economy suggests that real estate in Doha will increase in value within the next few years. Other factors; such as the country’s political stability and the lack of property taxes, makes Qatar a great choice for real estate investment.

6. What are popular areas to live in Doha?

The Pearl Qatar, Al Sadd, Al Waab, and the West Bay Lagoon are all popular communities in the Doha area.

7. What services does COREO provide for landlords?

COREO is a full-service real estate agency. We promote resale or rental space across a diverse set of mediums, escort potential tenants or buyers in property walkthroughs, and manage the final tenancy agreement and property handover. Our real estate firm is further able to manage the property beyond move in for conflicts or maintenance issues that may occur and act as the focal point on the landlord’s behalf to tend to tenant concerns.

8. Does COREO offer any assistance to new residents?

COREO is able to provide new residents in Qatar with an orientation of the city and assist with the various aspects of settling in from applying for relevant licenses and permits to setting up required accounts such as utility and banking accounts.

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