West Bay

West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Whether you are working or living in the West Bay Commercial District, you will find plenty to keep you busy and entertained. The West Bay District can easily be called an oasis in the dessert, and is the central focus of a city that rests neatly between the dry dessert and the refreshing sea has just the right mix of impressive, modern skyscrapers and cozy family villas.

The tall high-rises make an ideal rental space for young, single professionals and the luxurious villas are the perfect home for families that truly appreciate having a peaceful and relaxing oasis. The West Bay Commercial District boasts the most beautiful skyline of towers in Qatar that comprises of commercial offices, hotels, fully serviced apartments, ministries, and more. The convenience of living and working in the West Bay is unparalleled in Qatar.

The West Bay Commercial district is known for its restaurants, nightlife and entertainment. There are high-end restaurants in the modern towers of the area and family-friendly dining options closer to the villa compounds located in Doha’s downtown backyard. Other than a commercial tower that has offices for sale, everything else in the downtown area is for rent. Contact us for more information on villas and apartments or offices in the West Bay for rent.

West Bay Lagoon

West Bay Lagoon is often referred to as Al Qutaifiya and is a popular beach development that has an impressive selection of diverse accommodations and facilities. Besides The Pearl Qatar, West Bay Lagoon is the only development with villas lining the beach in Doha, Qatar. The development is family-orientated and kid-friendly with parks, playgrounds, and tennis and basketball courts scattered every few hundred meters throughout the area. West Bay Lagoon is also very close to the incredibly popular Pearl Qatar and Katara Cultural Village.

Zig Zag Towers

Another must-see site near the West Bay Lagoon is the incredible Zig Zag towers, and underneath, the Lagoona Mall. The Zig Zag towers, also known as the West Bay Lagoon Plaza, has two identical buildings with a totally unique design that manipulates basic geometrical forms in the most unusual way. This original technique produces visually-striking, mirrored-image towers that seem to rise from the sea. Both towers are located right along the waterfront and they are joined together at the base by a public shopping plaza.

Most people who visit the breathtaking city of Doha will end up deciding that they never want to leave it. If you are interested in making the West Bay District or other parts of Doha your new home, then we can help you get started! We are rental and real estate professionals who offer various relocation services to make your move as possible, so contact us today!

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