Lusail City

Lusail City

Lusail will actually be the first “green” city that has been built in the Qatar area, and it will use underground tunnels to carry chilled water through pipes underneath the city. This will provide natural cooling to the various buildings in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The city will also boast beautiful landscaping and elegant floral gardens.

Smart City of Lusail

Lusail is being carefully designed to be a smart-city that will fully utilize the latest technology available. Creative new practices are being used to develop a safe, peaceful, and energy-efficient environment. Although Lusail is still under construction, most of the construction and maintenance workers are working in underground tunnels, so there will be no disruption to the daily life of residents and visitors. The entire development project will not be complete until 2020, but the first Lusail residents will be welcomed to move in this year.

Impressive Size of Lusail

To improve efficiency, all electricity, gas, and sewer systems for the entire city will be supplied through underground networks and substations that are connected using the same maintenance tunnels they are working in today. The sewage will be collected, recycled, and sorted using a built-in tunnel vacuum network. All underground utility systems in Lusail City are being built to meet the Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) standards.

Vacationing in Lusail

Lusail is one of the largest developments in the Middle East, and it will include accommodations for up to 450,000 residents and tourists once it is complete. This island resort will also have a clear blue lagoon and two marinas located along the 28km of waterfront. There will even be four individual islands located off the coast of Lusail.

Living in Lusail

There will always be something for you to do in Lusail. The city will have two top-quality golf courses, five stadiums, and countless commercial outlets spanning over the 38km2 city boundaries. It will also have public entertainment venues, cultural centres, and incredible tourist attractions that are guaranteed to be fun for the whole family. The entire city was designed like a 5-star resort, so visitors will never want to leave.

Getting Around in Lusail

This impressive new city will be more than just another great tourist destination. It is also a great place to raise a family or open a new business. Lusail will have 25,000 residential buildings, as well as several schools, hospitals, grocery stores, mosques, and a large-scale transportation system.

The transit network will be comprised of four main tram lines and 36 stations that will take you to all the popular destinations in Doha. The city’s transportation system will stretch over 30.5km with both underground and aboveground access locations. There will also be a light rail network (LRT), water taxi system, and cycling and pedestrian pathways.

The main highway will provide fast access to the international airport and other important facilities throughout Doha, Qatar. The city of Lusail will also have underground parking with pedestrian tunnels that are accessible to both residents and visitors. Transportation and parking will never be a problem, no matter how big the city grows.

The impressive facilities in the Lusail area were partially inspired after Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup games. The central focus of the games will be the Lusail Iconic Stadium, which will host over 85,000 people during the World Cup. After the World Cup, the stadium will be downsized and converted into a 50,000-person arena that hosts other exciting cultural and sporting events. The intention is to donate the extra stadium to underprivileged countries that cannot afford good-quality sporting venues.

There will be so much to see and do in Lusail, which is why it is crucial that you secure your spot now. If you are looking for rental or relocation advice, please do not hesitate to contact anyone at COREO. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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